As an extra fillip: Seville


“THE Spanish government has announced that electric car buyers will receive extensive subsidies as part of a pilot scheme to boost sales. The scheme will mean the government subsidising some 20 per cent of the cost of any electric cars, or motorbikes, bought this year.In short, potential buyers will receive a subsidy ranging from 750 to 7000 euros.While, subsidies of up to 20,000 euros will be available for the purchase of trucks and buses.


The initiative – called Plan Movele – has set aside ten million euros to help people move towards a more sustainable mode of transport. A further 1.1 million euros has been earmarked for the installation of 546 electric charging stations in the three test cities, Sevilla, Madrid and Barcelona.

Electric or Hybrid cars have become extremely popular in Europe over the last year and will become increasingly popular due to new EU emissions targets.As part of the push to a new generation of lower and zero emission cars, several new electric and hybrid cars were unveiled by European car-makers at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. These include Renault’s electric saloon, the Fluence Zero, a hybrid RCZ by Peugeot and Audi’s e-Tron, a high-performance electric sports car.Even Porsche has announced it is to start making an electric car next year.


As an extra fillip, Sevilla’s mayor Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirin is offering a 75 per cent reduction on road tax.According to the minister of industry, tourism and commerce, Miguel Sebastian, the aim is to have introduced 2000 electric vehicles onto the country’s streets by 2011. Log on for a full list of dealerships.”


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