NYT : Hotel EME Fusion in Seville, Spain

The last time a new hotel caused such an uproar in Seville, it was 1929 and King Alfonso XIII had just inaugurated his namesake hotel for that year’s huge Ibero-American Expo. The new EME Fusion may have less regal origins, but it doesn’t skimp on style. A cluster of fourteen 18th- and 19th-century houses in the heart of Seville has been ingeniously cobbled together into a 70-room property. Shaded patios, a stunning rooftop pool terrace with a bar and drop-dead views of the cathedral, a tranquil spa and no fewer than four restaurants are the happy byproducts of the transformation. It has all been blended together with a mix of cutting-edge design, Andalusian practicality and a few over-scaled Moorish architectural elements: most notably the loopy grilles on the interior windows, which were adapted from fretwork harem screens. No wonder the hotel recently graced the cover of Spain’s well-respected Diseño Interior magazine.


3 comentarios

  1. Me encanta Sevilla, ciudad de mis sueños, trabajo y desanhelos. El hotel una maravilla.

  2. El hotel M Fusion de Sevilla es muy mono pero me aloje un fin de semana en el, y tuve problemas con el personal .Espero que lo publiqueis.Gracias

    • Publico este y ninguno más con diversos nombres y del mismo número ¿vale?

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